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One-on-one private training and behaviour consultation provide the opportunity to address specific issues. If extra coaching is needed to strengthen certain manner skills or if your dog is suffering from behavioural issues (e.g., barking and lunging at other dogs and people, resource guarding, etc.), private training is the right fit for you and your dog!

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During the pandemic, private sessions are held virtually via Zoom. You may be wondering if you would get the help you need without a trainer coming to your home to meet your dog... the answer is YES! Modern technology makes getting the help you need just a click away without adding any stress to your dog! We now can observe your dog's behaviours in his or her environment while you learn in the comfort of your home.


We meet via a remote video chat service, called Zoom (click here for system requirements). You will receive a link to join the virtual session without having to create an account. All you need is a computer with a webcam and a microphone, or a smartphone. We recommend having a good internet connection so that the virtual session can run smoothly on your end. 



Our private session starts with a 90-minute initial consult to get to know your dog and the issues you are experiencing. A typical initial session includes 30-minute consultation/assessment, 40-minute coaching with practical steps you can implement immediately, and 20-minute post-session email support. Post-session email support includes a session summary, homework, and reviews of your training videos (if applicable). This will vary case-by-case depending on the dog and owner's needs.

Price: $145.00 (all-inclusive)



If you need or would like to have extra training after the initial consultation, we offer 60-minute follow-up sessions. A follow-up session typically includes a coaching session and post-session e-mail support (e.g., a session summary, homework, and reviews of your training videos).

Price: $96.00 (all-inclusive)